Elektrische 911 uit Helmond moet een echte, aaibare Porsche zijn

Elektrische Porsches, is daar een markt voor? Het antwoord is ja, ontdekten de mannen van Voitures Extravert. „Onze klanten hoeven geen patserbak.” De witte, gestripte Porsche 911 trekt meteen de aandacht in het kleine kantoor van Voitures extravert. Deze nieuwe firma op de Automotive Campus in Helmond gaat de klassieker helemaal opnieuw opbouwen. Hij wordt schoon en stil: originele aandrijving eruit, elektrische aandrijving erin. De 911: vroeger reed de Rijkspolitie erin. Bekend ook van de tv-serie The Bridge. Qua vorm in ruim vijftig jaar nauwelijks veranderd. Daarom: ook de elektrische moet een echte 911 zijn. In grote lijnen weten Martijn van Dijk en Jurgen Moerman van Voitures extravert

Voitures extravert converts vintage porsche 911s into electric cars

dutch firm voitures extravert is taking old porsche 911s and turning them into electric cars. the project is called ‘quintessenza’ and will see 1970s and 1980s models equipped with electric insides. the process involves stripping the original models down and rebuilding it to mimic a 1960s-era 911. voitures extravert won’t actually touch porsches from this era due to their value on the market in original condition. 60-kilowatt-hour battery pack provides a range of 400 kilometers (roughly 250 miles) and provides enough power to reach 0-62 mph in 6.0 seconds. the quintessenza is priced at 300,000 euros, or $370,000 and includes the company sourcing the donor car, parts and production. the cars

Meshing the Future with Our Past: The Electric Porsche quintessenza

Governed by the thought that the classics don’t deserve to be sequestered to the corners of museums, The Electric Porsche quintessenza was born. The new quintessenza is an all-electric, innovative, care-free, green, safe, secure, and FAST vehicle. With 400 km of range and the look of the classic you love, your dream just became a reality. The quintessenza is back and better than ever. The new quintessenza comes in two options; mature and modern with an 80s look, wide body and black trim, or the classic choice, taking it back a bit further with the original narrow build, chrome finish and vibrant paint. More than just a pretty face, the quintessenza has the quality of a new build, is maintena

This Company Takes Old Porsche 911s and Turns Them Into Electric Cars

Those who love the iconic body of an old Porsche 911 but feel the pull to step into the future are in luck. Voitures Extravert is a Dutch company that takes old Porches and turns them into electric vehicles. Wild, right? They strip the ride and drop in a battery that delivers a range of around 250 miles, meaning you’re not even at that much of a disadvantage compared to modern EVs. This new/old 911 boasts regenerative breaking, a max speed of around 125 mph, and best in class climate control and audio. The process is an exhaustive one, so these electric Porsches won’t be coming out in droves. In fact, only twelve are available for 2019 and can be reserved now, while the company plans to up t

Quintessenza, 911-elektrificatie die taboes doorbreekt

Het vijfde element Een fifty-fifty gewichtsverdeling, duizend newtonmeter piekkoppel, en nooit dat opgeheven vingertje van de groene brigade wanneer je over de grachtengordel suist. Aha, een geëlektrificeerde 911, het project van het zoveelste clubje dromers? Nee, integendeel, de quintessenza is vermarktbaar en maakbaar en ja, hij schopt heilige huisjes omver. http://www.puurpm.nl/magazine/1027/#ge-euml;lektrificeerde-911

A Cougar or a Manther?

Difficult, not only to get it done, but also what to name it. The marriage between a classic icon and the younger spirit that puts it back to life. Is it a cougar or is it a manther? Decide for yourself! Back in the days, this is how the classic icon was designed. In 2D drawings. With a folding ruler, a bit of plasticine, honestly, in all good conscience. Accurate by millimeters, true craftsmanship. But what a different spirit today, the entire world as we know it is designed by the most powerful computers, design programs, artificial intelligence and machine learning. And the result is astounding. Nanometer accuracy, highly optimized, every component specifically designed just for this sing

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