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Meshing the Future with Our Past: The Electric Porsche quintessenza

Governed by the thought that the classics don’t deserve to be sequestered to the corners of museums, The Electric Porsche quintessenza was born.

The new quintessenza is an all-electric, innovative, care-free, green, safe, secure, and FAST vehicle. With 400 km of range and the look of the classic you love, your dream just became a reality. The quintessenza is back and better than ever.

The new quintessenza comes in two options; mature and modern with an 80s look, wide body and black trim, or the classic choice, taking it back a bit further with the original narrow build, chrome finish and vibrant paint.

More than just a pretty face, the quintessenza has the quality of a new build, is maintenance, corrosion, and worry free, is powered electrically, and can be upgraded to be even more powerful if so desired. Optimized for a 50-50 weight balance, stocked with a rear-view camera, and equipped with the latest braking technology, the quintessenza is as safe as it is beautiful.

What you sometimes lose when you encounter an electric vehicle, is flexibility. That is not the case with this automobile. With 400 km of range, sub 6 0-100 km speed, and over 200km top speed, this car lacks nothing in speed, power, or performance.

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