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Your classic future. Starts now.

After you’ve made your reservation, we will contact you to discuss all details and planning.

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We deliver to the EU, UK, Switzerland and Northern America. Other countries are possible. For all countries, specific conditions may apply. We will discuss all details before production starts.

After you’ve made this reservation, we will contact you to discuss all details and planning. After the purchase agreement, we will start sourcing the donor vehicle. 

To finalise your reservation, a fully refundable reservation fee of €5.000 applies.

quintessenza model year 24

Price List MY 2024 Q1

* Last updated 2023-12-12. All prices are ex VAT and may be subject to change. After you’ve placed your order, we will notify you if any changes occur. US$ prices are estimate, vary with exchange rate fluctuations.


This reservation is the first step in the purchase and it secures the approximate delivery priority. Voitures extravert will create a Purchase Order for your vehicle and you will receive a Purchase Agreement indicating the purchase price of the vehicle, plus estimates of any applicable taxes, duties, transport and delivery charges, and any other applicable fees.

When the start of production for your order nears, we will contact you to configure your quintessenza for the next step.


A quintessenza reservation is not final until the fully refundable reservation fee payment is received.

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