Welcome to the

Classic Future

You love classic design

You love new technology
With the quintessenza Voitures extravert combines classic beauty with the technology of our future, 100% electric.
Welcome to the Classic Future


Invest € 5000

in a 5-year bond

fully repaid after 5 years


Receive a DailyDrive every year

take the quintessenza for a ride,

a full day, every year


Share the adventure, shape the classic future

experience the joy of making a change

Classic Future Society

By becoming a member of the Classic Future Society, you become part of our adventure to color the streets with iconic classics. You provide critical support to the development of existing and new classic icons.

A network of ambassadors,

direct access to us, the project and the car,

helping us out on occasions, or reaching out to other members,

but mainly sharing in the fun of rebuilding iconic classics.

Just 100 bonds

The Classic Future Society is limited to just 100 members. For €5.000, each member will receive a personal membership in the form of a 5-year bond. The full amount will be repaid after the term. And as a return, you will experience and show the classic future yourself!


Color your own street with DailyDrives

As part of your membership you will receive a yearly DailyDrive: 
a full day of unlimited use of the quintessenza!

And by the end of the term, you will get 2 extra DailyDrives,

a full week classic future driving experience in total!

After year











7 (incl. 2 extra)

Eligible for

1 day

1 weekend

1 FullWeekend

4 days

1 FullWeek

In addition to DailyDrives you will also receive

step by step involvement

special access to events

test drives & design clinics

new portfolio insights

business/brand/network opportunities

Full payback

Your contribution to a classic future will be for life. However, after 5 years we will repay you the entire amount.

Become a member!

Would you like to participate in the Classic Future Society,

send us an email or call

(or fill out below form)



we will send you the bond agreement and a comprehensive note to Voitures extravert activities

The Classic Future Society is limited to 100 members, don't let the future start without you!


"...if your dreams don't scare you,

they aren't big enough..."

- Mohammed Ali

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