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Voitures extravert converts vintage porsche 911s into electric cars

dutch firm voitures extravert is taking old porsche 911s and turning them into electric cars. the project is called ‘quintessenza’ and will see 1970s and 1980s models equipped with electric insides.

the process involves stripping the original models down and rebuilding it to mimic a 1960s-era 911. voitures extravert won’t actually touch porsches from this era due to their value on the market in original condition.

60-kilowatt-hour battery pack provides a range of 400 kilometers (roughly 250 miles) and provides enough power to reach 0-62 mph in 6.0 seconds. the quintessenza is priced at 300,000 euros, or $370,000 and includes the company sourcing the donor car, parts and production.

the cars will be available in the EU, switzerland, and north america. five cars have already sold and the company is currently taking €50,000 (approx. $61,000) reservations for 12 more conversions, due to arrive in 2019.

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