You mean you're still driving that old Tesla?

It certainly qualifies for the 'Best Quote Ever' contest. But there's plenty more lovely quotes in this superb Esquire article written by Will Hersey. Get your copy today to read all about 'old, grey, bald men' and 'Frankenstein monsters' and people who would 'kill and die to get a smile on their face'

In the mean while, we're making great progress!

With all news on team expansion, RHD portfolio improvement, new color atelier, you would almost forget that we're making excellent progress on our customer cars. A most beautiful donor is being prepped for all necessary body work to turn it into a future classic beauty.


Now it is time to choose side! The quintessenza you love, but you thought could never be your Right Hand Drive. Back on the other side of the road for daily joy. Color your drive with the all new quintessenza. 100% electric, brand new, worry free, safe, fast and 400 km of range. The quintessenza is back on the other side of the road for daily joy. 365 days per year. Starting June 2020, we offer the much requested RHD version of the all electric classic quintessenza. The continued optimisation of all improved comfort functions like power steering, heating and air conditioning catered for a great fit in the different RHD available space. Now its time to choose side! Founded in 2016, Voitures e

Wout Papma to join Team extravert

We are so happy to announce that as of July 1st, Wout Papma will start as the newest member of Team extravert. A Mechatronics Bachelor, he is a specialist in the combination of mechanical engineering, 3D modelling, electronics and computer engineering. And with his hands-on experience in Battery Management Systems design and battery engineering, we further solidify in-house knowledge, skills and practical experience. With the further expansion of client car production this summer, the timing couldn’t have been better!

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