The Taming of the Torque

Just imagine, you recreate a classic beauty to a level that is better then new. However, in the process, you replace the propulsion by an incredible powerful electrical engin... delivering 3000Nm of permanent torque on the wheels... You can't do that with regular 40+ year old axels. You need to create new ones. That is just what we did and we simply love the looks of em. Someone once told me what it is like to wear Cerruti underwear. Nobody will really see it, but it feels great to know it's there... Somehow these new axels feel a bit the same to us...

Marriage of the year

The marriage of the year One of the largest challenges of rebuilding an iconic classic is to create a perfect match between the classic car and all new components. The original car was built to enable easy maintenance, something that we definitely wanted to replicate. Therefore we created a new subframe, that is both capable of housing all new components, such as the motor, the limited slip differential, the inverter, batteries, and that is easily attached to the original fixing mounts. We are pleased that it took us only 3 iterations to create the final solution, and last week it resulted in the marriage: the final installation of the subframe to the body. 3 generations of structural engine

Wir schaffen das!

“…it takes a German to recreate a German…” Unser Meister-Lackierer hat es geschafft! Zusammen mit den Farbingenieuren von Glasurit haben wir die seltenste Originalfarbe, Email Blau, neues Leben gegeben. In the world of car paint, many things have changed since the days of the early classics. We have witnessed color trends, the rise of metallic paints, duo tones, pearl effects, matte paints, etc… But most of all, we have seen tremendous changes in the chemistry of car paint. Gone are the days of 2 component paint, or nitro-cellulose. Modern paint recipes are environmentally friendly, and water based. Something that we fully subscribe to. But that’s where the challenge began; how to cook the s

Email Blau

We may have great taste, but we have a peculiar preference for color names... However, we've selected the final color for the quintessenza #0, our prototype Email [eˈmaːj] Blau in German or Enamel [ɪˈnam(ə)l] Blue in English Based on the input of hundreds of enthousiast followers and with a final vote from our ambassadors network, we fell in love with this stunning, timeless beauty. Enamel Blue, only available from 1964 to 1965, is among the rarest colors ever offered on the original classic (less than 1%) which makes it really exceptional. We truly feel it is an exemplary classic color and beautifully tells the story of the quintessenza SE. Blue is the colour of the mind and is essentially

We've never been so ready...

We are so ready! Our quintessenza is approaching the final phase of her creation. Electrical assembly is currently finalised and expected to be ready by late February. Thereafter, she will be transformed into the beauty she deserves to be, a true sixties classic icon, narrow and chrome. Later this week, we will reveal her final color. Stay tuned... All parts for her makeover have arrived and we've laid them out for you: we simply couldn't wait sharing them! Please stay tuned as we will keep you updated on every step we take in the coming weeks and months. 2019 is going to be a true Future Classic!

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