A true comeback of an iconic classic

As you may be aware of, Voitures extravert is here to give new life to iconic classics, to color the streets again with cars that we know and love. But those cars are rapidly disappearing from daily life, mostly to be replaced by boring vehicles. Safe, efficient, but boring. It has become very rare, that we experience a car that is both classic, new, and inspiring. But yesterday was that day. Invited by Rik Hettema and Lars-Peter Dijkstra from exclusive car specialist Munsterhuis in Hengelo, we visited their newly opened Alpine showroom together with one of our first customers. Our visit was a delight. From the warm welcome we received from Rik and Lars-Peter to the Alpine blue showroom desi

Finalizing quintessenza testbed

Yes, the real-size quintessenza testbed is taking shape and will soon be ready for system buildup! Tuesday morning all structural engineering parts (Light weight aluminum subframe & battery casings) will be delivered. Coming weeks will be super exciting! Stay tuned...

Yours… a day per year

We proudly introduce the Classic Future Society You love classic design You love new technology Voitures extravert combines classic beauty with the technology of our future. Welcome to the Classic Future A full day unlimited use of the quintessenza! As a member of the Classic Future Society, you become part of our adventure to color the streets with iconic classics. You provide critical support to the development of existing and new classic icons. In return for your support, you receive a yearly DailyDrive: a full day unlimited use of the quintessenza! Of course, there are many more benefits, such as test driving and design clinics and early access to news and (partner) events. Join now Inve

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