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Wir schaffen das!

“…it takes a German to recreate a German…”

Unser Meister-Lackierer hat es geschafft!

Zusammen mit den Farbingenieuren von Glasurit haben wir die seltenste Originalfarbe, Email Blau, neues Leben gegeben.

In the world of car paint, many things have changed since the days of the early classics.

We have witnessed color trends, the rise of metallic paints, duo tones, pearl effects, matte paints, etc…

But most of all, we have seen tremendous changes in the chemistry of car paint. Gone are the days of 2 component paint, or nitro-cellulose. Modern paint recipes are environmentally friendly, and water based. Something that we fully subscribe to.

But that’s where the challenge began; how to cook the same iconic classic color of 1964, with totally different chemical ingredients?

Patrick picked up this challenge together with a team of Glasurit engineers, creators of the original color. After testing several samples and thorough spectral analysis with the help of the latest technology, they came 99.99% close to the original and rare Enamel Blue, the color of choice for our prototype.

A job well done!

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