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Dutch EV firm Voitures Extravert introduces AutoPilot

New normal technology revolutionises classic test drives

Amsterdam, October 8th, 2020. Today, Voitures Extravert introduces AutoPilot, the state-of-the-art solution for virtual test driving its new modern icon, the quintessenza. AutoPilot offers those who cannot travel to the Netherlands the possibility to experience the entire vehicle. Not only is it possible to join the people behind the car for a ride, but also it provides for an in-depth discussion and insight on all technical and design decisions. Straight from behind the computer, tablet or phone.

As the COVID pandemic is far from over yet, for customers outside the EU, coming over to our offices is nearly impossible. And that keeps them from achieving their dream, a fully new built electric classic quintessenza. Therefore we’ve developed something completely new, unheard of so far: Voitures extravert AutoPilot.

AutoPilot offers those from abroad the possibility to see the people behind the car and the car itself in full action. With a secure 4-camera HD system, we live-stream 1) the drivers point of view, 2) both drivers in the face, 3) a follow vehicle filming the quintessenza on the road and finally 4) the offices where we leave and return after the drive. All camera’s participate in a group video session with the client.

The first experiences with AutoPilot are really positive: the client at ease in his own home at night behind his big screen, chatting and live experiencing what Voitures extravert and the quintessenza are all about. There is such a high information density to these sessions that they often take 2 hours, rather than one… But as it can be recorded and shared at the customers request, all infomation can be absorbed in smaller pieces afterwards.

Customer, Hong Kong, on his first AutoPilot experience: “It was really great! I could be the navigation assitant in a completely unfamiliar area. I particularly liked how the all the cameras have been set up. I was amazed I could even see all the information on the new instrument cluster in bright detail. I now have so much more insight in the real experience of the car. It gives me the confidence that I need to make a sound purchase decision.”

AutoPilot uses standard video conferencing tools, so there’s no need for a customer to install all sorts of exotic software on his devices. Just sit and relax, connect and you are good to go.

Founded in 2016, Voitures Extravert is on a mission to colour the streets again. Its iconic classics are based on the technology of our future, with a 100% rebuild that’s true to its origin, powerful, silent and all-electric. Voitures Extravert wants classic cars back on the road and bringing drivers joy 365 days a year. Designed, produced and assembled in the Netherlands, one of the most developed EV countries in the world, Voitures extravert offers its worldwide client base the quintessenza. The EV is based on the classic 911 and combines timeless design with the latest propulsion technology. Voitures Extravert has developed the bespoke Vehicle Control solution platform AutoCRAT that integrates all technology into a monolithic customer experience, ‘aus einem Guss’. The Voitures Extravert value chain encompasses a worldwide expert network of over 30 partners, leading specialists and suppliers, each contributing to the exceptional quality of Voitures Extravert products. Voitures Extravert is also supported by an impressive network of ambassadors, known as the Classic Future Society.


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