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We wish you a classic New Year!

In 2017, the ban of iconic classics in cities across the globe continued at an increasing pace: Munich, Paris, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Milan, London, Arnhem, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Quito, Vancouver, Mexico City, Seattle and Auckland were recently added to the list, to name a few. And the list is still growing every day.

More than anyone, we welcome clean air and pollution free inner cities, but the perspective of a world without inspiring classic design just makes us sad.

Luckily, 2018 is about to change all that.

In the past year, we’ve been overwhelmed by the interest in our first product - the quintessenza - from customers, press and investors, both from The Netherlands and from abroad! As a result, the first production series is fully booked and we’re already taking reservations for the 2019 series.

Also, we’re finishing up preparations to ship the quintessenza not only across Europe, but also to the United States and Canada late 2018.

And in the last week of December, the Dutch authorities have cleared the road for the street legal reproduction of our iconic classic.

Finally, we’re opening our Design Lab in the heart of automotive Netherlands in the coming weeks where we will finalize the technical prototype design early 2018.

All in all, we look back on an extraordinary 2017.

And with only 2 more days to go, we just want to wish you

A classic new year!

Jurgen & Martijn

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