How it all started
We have a deep appreciation for the tangible, the analog – things we can touch, things we can feel. There's an unparalleled satisfaction in holding something you've envisioned, something you've longed for since youth.
Due to todays modern driving standards, it is difficult to see our beloved classics grace the roads. But what if, through a stroke of creativity and ingenuity, we could pave the way to blending them seamlessly to todays modern standards?
Bringing color to the world
At Voitures Extravert, color is more than a visual attribute; it’s an expression of personality and passion. Our Essenza, a meticulously crafted electric classic, is available in a vibrant palette that reflects our dedication to bringing joy and individuality to every drive. Whether it's a bold, eye-catching Signal Red, a serene Enamel Blue, or a timeless, elegant Slate Grey. Each color is chosen to enhance the iconic design.
We believe that the right color can transform a car from a mere mode of transport into a personal statement, turning heads and igniting imaginations wherever it goes. With every Essenza, we aim to color the world, one beautiful, bespoke car at a time.
Tradition reborn for the modern driver
Voitures Extravert is where timeless tradition meets cutting-edge innovation. Our Essenza, built on the original classic body, represents the pinnacle of this harmonious blend. Every car is a handcrafted masterpiece, preserving the iconic silhouette and elegance of its vintage predecessor while incorporating the latest in electric vehicle technology.
This fusion ensures that the essence of driving a classic is not only maintained but enhanced for today's roads. The Essenza is more than a car; it is a tribute to the artistry of the past, reborn for the discerning modern driver. With sustainable performance and bespoke customization, we honor tradition while embracing the future, offering a driving experience that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking.