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Classic. Electric.


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With its pure and classic design, Voitures extravert offers the quintessenza, a contemporary recreation of the classic icon. All electric, with 400 km/250 mi. range, fast charging and a completely digitized yet analog experience. The result of four years of research and development. Every single car is a complete and bespoke rebuild, ready for everyday joy. 

Every body. Deserves a perfect donor.


As we all know that beauty is fragile, we go all the way to face the naked truth. The creation of an all new body starts with a perfect donor. With the latest techniques to create long lasting perfection. 

To guarantee a perfect build.


All parts. Better than new.

All key components are replaced or restored to become better than new. And by using original parts, we build the car of your dreams. Original sexy sixties, or wide rear totally eighties.

You decide.

All new parts
VE 3 colors.png

Exceptional quality. Colors and paint.

The original colors and paint. A beautiful chrome or deep black finish. And a whole new level of classic interior design. Time travel, done right.

Fully electrified

Acceleration. Into history.


If the engineers back in the days could have, they would have. Built this classic all electric. To accelerate it into history. It was never sluggish. And now it's even faster.


And this. Range.


The quintessenza features a 59 kWh battery pack in its lightweight body, good for over 400 Km/250 Mi. of range. It delivers exceptional HiSpeed 22 kW home and office charging. And with over 100 km in 10 min Fast Charging on the go, you will always reach your destination.

Eelco charging.jpg
Unprecedented traction


Comfortably sportive.


Our custom built and driver adjustable suspension provides drastically reduced unwanted roll. The quintessenza has all the benefits of a soft spring set up without the disadvantages of too much body roll or collapsing suspension. Sportive never felt so comfortable.


Years of development and testing. On every way.

Thermal management, drivetrain optimisation,  all-out integration. In many years of development, the entire car has been rethought. And to deliver the quality and performance it deserves, the quintessenza was fully tested. In simulations, in the lab, on the dynamometer, on the test track and of course on public roads. It truly feels monolithic, in every way, on every way. Aus einem Guss.


Looks brand new. Feels classic. 


No one loves the classic gauges more than we do. However, what to do with the tachometer when all we are stuck with is never-ending torque… The quintessenza features AutoCRAT, the state-of-the-art vehicle software at the centre of its vehicle experience. AutoCRAT controls the entire vehicle, including all of its functions. The result: a cutting-edge electric vehicle that carefully maintains the user experience of a classic car. Some say it's classic domination, but we rather call it enGauged.

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Comfortable. Unconditional. 


To enjoy a classic on a daily basis, it needs to meet todays standards. With a crisp Air Conditioning, finger-light Power Steering, efficient Seat Heating, Fast Charging and high quality Car Audio, it easily exceeds all expectations. This unconditional comfort is simply a game changer.

Anker 2
seat heating.png

Seat Heating

Efficient and comfortable, enough for every ride.

DC fast charging.png

Fast Charging

With up to 22 kW home/public and 90 kW fast charging, you always reach your destination.

Power Steering

power steering.png

Finger light and highly responsive. Transforms classic driving into a modern day experience.


Air Conditioning

Easily outperforming the original. Simply a game changer.

Reproduced. In the Netherlands, Germany and California 


The all new body is reproduced in Germany, where the original was born. The control system hardware and software is designed in California, the home of the computer. Finally, drivetrain development and integration is done in the Netherlands, one of the most advanced EV countries in the world. A true international venture that celebrates our differences and cooperation. 


Test drive. The quintessenza.

No better way to discover what a car is about than to come over for a visit and to test drive it. But as we live in challenging times, we now also offer you to test drive the quintessenza straight from your couch. With our revolutionary service AutoPilot you can meet us, in person and drive along. Just tell us where to go, and we’ll get you there. The new normal never felt so right.

Autopilot testdrive ipad v5.png


Wherever you are comfortable, at home, at work, or on the go

Interior view

Keep an eye on us and discuss anything


Drivers view

See what we see, extra eyes on the road

Support motorbike

Follow us during the ride, no matter where we go


Two quintessenza base models.


Coupe or Targa. 60s or 80s. LHD or RHD.

Configure your own poster car.

quintessenza SE
Sexy Sixties

60s white background manus porsche mix.p

Chrome trim, original 60s looks

quintessenza TE

Totally Eighties

80S shadow.png

Black trim, 80s looks

quintessenza RS
Sport Performance

quintessenza RS.png

308 HP, instant 700 Nm torque

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