The Classic. All new.

Meet the all new quintessenza SE, fully electric, brand new, worry free, safe, fast and 400 km of range. The classic you love, but you never believed could be your daily drive. Now, the quintessenza is back on the road for daily joy.

365 days per year.

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Ready for test drives.

Ready for order.

The all new quintessenza.

We create the car of your dreams and we strive for a no compromise authentic driving experience. But experience is a very personal story. And as skilful as one may be with words, it’s a story that you can only create yourself!

We are ready, are you?



All new safety


Latest generation brakes

Regenerative and air-ventilated

State-of-art running gear

Driver adjustable dampers preventing unwanted roll

Balanced control

Improved weight balance


All new performance

Excellent range

400 km without anxiety

Powerful acceleration

Less than 6 sec to master any situation

Safe speed

180 km/h is simply enough


All new comfort


Climate Control

A transforming user experience

Power Steering

Finger-light and highly responsive, accessible to all.


quintessenza SE

Sexy Sixties

Chrome trim, narrow rear fenders

quintessenza TE

Totally Eighties

Black trim, wide rear fenders

Compare quintessenza models.


Coupe or Targa. 60s or 80s.

Configure the quintessenza that is your poster car.


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