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Will you be there? The 2019 quintessenza introduction

On Thursday, June 27 Voitures extravert introduces the 2019 quintessenza to customers, network and the participants of the Classic Future Society

As of this fall, Classic Future Society members will start enjoying this completely new built classic for themselves. With 400 km of range, high speed charging, and all modern comfort functions in a completely authentic experience, this car may even be better then the original!

Only with the indispensable enthousiasm and help of others, we’ve managed to come this far!

We love to share our classic future with others. That means also with you! 

Just for that, we’ve established the Classic Future Society. A special network of enthousiast supporters, ambassadors.

Will your classic future start next Thursday too? Then join us in the Classic Future Society.

Jurgen & Martijn

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