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Oh boy, I would have been a rich man, if only I would have gotten a penny for every time that someone cries out that totally inflated word: Sacrilege!!!

Instead, we chose to all the way, for our live of classic design, for the joy it brings to the streets. We started 5 years ago, and probably wouldn't have if we had know how much we would have had to overcome. However, it is totally worth it. We've met with greatest people and received so much help and support from so many sides, it makes me thankful every day.

And now that we've arrived here, with an extremely high end value chain, capable of supplying us with state-of -the-art components in the rhythm that we need, we are serving customers from all over the world. From San Francisco, via Amsterdam to Hong Kong. And each and every one of them telling us their fascinating stories, about building their business, their passions, their beliefs. And although there's so much more to do, we couldn't be more proud of what we've achieved. I guess it's just a matter of looking forward vs backward.

If only we would have listened to this vocal sacrilege crying minority, we would have had more pennies than we could have counted. But now we're rich. Rich in experience that no one can take away. Thank you!

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