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Dutch EV firm Voitures Extravert introduces the quintessenza RS

New 227 kW/700 Nm engine delivers 20% more power than the original

Amsterdam, January 13th, 2022. Today, Voitures extravert introduces the quintessenza RS, with a 227 kW/308HP drivetrain and instant 700Nm torque. The quintessenza RS features improved suspension, bigger contemporary brakes, and the iconic ducktail spoiler that prevents it from lifting. All to allow the car to be astonishingly fast around the corners.

At the centre of the quintessenza RS experience lies the ssenza 700 engine. The 227 kW/700 Nm 6-phase water-cooled motor controller delivers very high peak power and full torque at zero speed. That is instant torque of 700Nm. Not just at 6,000 revs, just plant your foot and there it is.

The quintessenza RS features a custom built Electronic Magnetic Control suspension that provides an instantly driver adjustable soft spring set up without the disadvantages of too much body roll or collapsing suspension. To turn superfast, without turning around the corner.

And for the highest levels of safety, the quintessenza RS comes with the even bigger contemporary break callipers.

The quintessenza RS is available for order today and is set for first delivery in Q1 2023.

Martijn van Dijk, commercial director of Voitures extravert, explains: “The original is arguably the best ever made. However, you never see them on the road today. Owners rather keep them stored as prized assets rather than colouring the streets around them. That’s exactly why we introduced the quintessenza RS. The original was conceived as the ultimate blend of a race car and a comfortable tourer. With staggering instant torque and almost 20% more power than the original quintessenza, it’s the most powerful configuration that we’ve ever used, only adding to it’s already amazing performance. Electromagnetic Suspension Control greatly enhances corner speeds and to cater for even improved safety, it comes with the beefier contemporary break callipers from the watercooled era.

Founded in 2016, Voitures extravert is on a mission to colour the streets again. Its iconic classics are based on the technology of our future, with a 100% rebuild that’s true to its origin, powerful, silent and all-electric. Voitures extravert wants classic cars back on the road and bringing drivers joy 365 days a year. Designed, produced and assembled in the Netherlands, one of the most developed EV countries in the world, Voitures extravert offers its worldwide client base the quintessenza. The EV is based on the classic 911 and combines timeless design with the latest propulsion technology. Voitures extravert has developed the bespoke Vehicle Control solution platform AutoCRAT that integrates all technology into a monolithic customer experience, ‘aus einem Guss’. The Voitures extravert value chain encompasses a worldwide expert network of over 30 partners, leading specialists and suppliers, each contributing to the exceptional quality of Voitures extravert products. Voitures extravert is also supported by an impressive network of ambassadors, known as the Classic Future Society.


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