We love to share this story on insights with you!

But if you just bought a house,

Stop reading!

As you may know, we have always differentiated ourselves by building our dream - coloring the streets with iconic classics with the technology of our future - on real customer insights rather then technology.

This story is about our latest insights, investor insights.

During our quest for funding in the past year, we’ve met with an incredible number of enthousiast car lovers and entrepreneurs that shared our vision of a classic future. Many of them voluntarily offered their expertise, network or other support.

But to most, serious funding was not an option: we were too small, we asked for too less, we weren’t going to be the next Dutch unicorn…

Of course we did not give up and in May 2018 we found our ‘angel’ who invested €300.000 in us and bought our first car!

And although funding was not an option for most, on one thing they all agreed… a very strong desire to be even more involved in our future.

So rather then keep on chasing them for investment, we took a moment to sit back and reflect on what we had heard in all these months. And figured how cool it would be to create something really special for these really passionate supporters, something that would perfectly match their desire to sit front-row and involve them in our adventure.

So for them we created...

The Classic Future Society.

A network of ambassadors,

with direct access to us, to the project and to the car,

helping us out on occasions, or reaching out to other members,

but mainly sharing in the fun of rebuilding iconic classics.

Members of the Classic Future Society become part of our adventure to color the streets with iconic classics.

But very important at this stage, they provide critical support to the development of existing and new classic icons.

In return for their support, they receive a yearly DailyDrive:

a full day unlimited use of the quintessenza!

Of course, there are many more benefits, such as test driving and design clinics and early access to news and (partner) events.

Learn more >

Now, apparently there is only just one valid reason not to join the Classic Future Society. If you just bought yourself a house, and you are in the middle of rebuilding it, stop considering it. Cause that is the #1 argument we receive for ambitious ambassadors eventually dismissing our offer.

Don't let the future start without you!

From the moment we started late 2018, we’ve see strong interest in the Classic Future Society. And as a result some 30 members, (top)entrepreneurs, creatives and enthousiast car, design and technology lovers, have already been registered.

Of course, we are extremely pleased with their support in many ways, and we discover that we can offer them a very interesting and fun network.

And direct access to the car!

The network is growing steadily and every few weeks we add new enthousiast participants. It is really cool to be able to share our adventure with others this way and there is a truly special interaction in the relationship we have built with the ambassadors. One that often goes well beyond 'money & returns', and involves mutual exchange of knowledge and network. And from time to time, even the ambassadors find interesting connections among themselves.

We would love to tell you all about it!

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