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2019 quintessenza's ready to color the streets

Voitures extravert releases all-new 2019 quintessenza to the public

2019 quintessenza: pick any color, it’s always green

Helmond, The Netherlands — Thursday, June 27th, Voitures extravert has released the all-new 2019 quintessenza to the public during an invitation-only ambassadors event. Fully electric, brand new, worry free, safe, fast and 400 km of range. The classic you love, but you never believed could be your daily drive. Back on the road for daily joy. 365 days per year.

Exceptional quality

An all new body created on a perfect donor. And as beauty is fragile, we go all the way to face the naked truth. With the latest techniques to create a long-lasting protection. With all new parts to become better than new. And with the original colors, beautiful chrome or deep black finish. And a whole new level of classic interior design. Time travel, done right.

Time travel, done right. Exceptional Email Blau original ‘64 color with beautiful chrome finish built on an ‘80s donor vehicle


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