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The 2020 E-type Zero: a classic beauty with a questionable UI

Thumbs up for Jaguar Land Rover! At the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the British company has announced the production version of the Jaguar E-type Zero.

We sincerely welcome this development as a true endorsement of our mission: A Classic Future. To color the streets again with iconic classics, based on technology of our future, 100% rebuild, true to its origin, powerful and silent, all electric.

However, we hope that the choices they seem to make with respect to the instrument cluster of the car will be reconsidered. Full digitization of all new and traditional functions is essential, but please stick to a classic experience Jaguar Land Rover!

But Jaguar Land Rover will take it easy until 2020 before the first Zero's will go into production. Enough time for them to make the necessary changes...

In the mean while, get ready for the quintessenza. Available next year, a fully digitized iconic classic, including an interface with respect for its origins, a true travel back in time.

Iconic classics, back on the road for daily joy. 365 days per year

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