A Cougar or a Manther?

Difficult, not only to get it done, but also what to name it. The marriage between a classic icon and the younger spirit that puts it back to life. Is it a cougar or is it a manther? Decide for yourself!

Back in the days, this is how the classic icon was designed. In 2D drawings. With a folding ruler, a bit of plasticine, honestly, in all good conscience.

Accurate by millimeters, true craftsmanship.

Accurate by millimeters, true craftsmanship.

But what a different spirit today, the entire world as we know it is designed by the most powerful computers, design programs, artificial intelligence and machine learning. And the result is astounding. Nanometer accuracy, highly optimized, every component specifically designed just for this single purpose, with hardly any degree of freedom. Sheer production miracles, and proliferated by the millions.

A difficult marriage

Can you imagine what a marriage of these two worlds would bring? First blind attraction, the one bedazzled by design, the other by performance. But after the honeymoon is over, this marriage is potentially plagued by increased incomprehension, intolerance, incompatibility.

To overcome their different backgrounds, both will have to give in a little, change itself a bit for the better.

You see below how we ensure the older party is transforming itself with a rejuvenated spirit into a younger, maybe even better version of itself. In the near future, we’ll talk about how the young enthusiasm will be tamed a little to accommodate the condition of the classic body.

Repeatable and predictable

Voitures extravert is not a classic restoration company, working on individual projects on customer request. We are completely rebuilding classic cars, with an almost industrial rhythm, repeatable and predictable. To make sure that all components play nicely together is this concert, everything needs to be brought back to the same abstraction level, talk the same language.

Together with our highly specialized partner Second2New, the entire relevant inside of the iconic car is laser-transferred into a true digital twin.

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