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Dutch startup for electrification of classic cars gets financial injection

The Eindhoven based start-up Voitures extravert, which gives classic cars a new life with a 100% electric drive, receives a capital injection of €300,000. The money comes from a major Dutch investor. They announced the investment on Wednesday.

Founded in 2016, Voitures Extravert is a Dutch start-up based at the Automotive Campus in the Hi-Tech Eindhoven region and is the latest proof of the resurgent Dutch manufacturing industry and innovative strength in the field of automotive in the Netherlands. The company selects classic donor vehicles, protects them according to the latest techniques for daily use and then rebuilds them completely according to customer requirements. Including a 100% electric drive and a digital CAN control system developed in-house. The quintessenza, the first car of the company, based on the classic Porsche 911 is in appearance indistinguishable from a 60's or 80's model, and in terms of experience a tribute to the original design. Only the exhaust disappears.

Repeatable and predictable

Martijn van Dijk, co-owner of Voitures extravert, says in a press release: 'We are not a classic restoration company, which works on individual projects on customer request. We are completely rebuilding classic cars, tragic cases that are often in barns waiting for better times, in accordance with the demands and requirements of our time. The customer can, as it were, travel time and order his classic as new from us. And in a modern way it gives a classic colour to the often boring streetscape of today.

The investor has invested in Voitures extravert because '...the product appeals to emotion and the realization is challenging: for me the most important thing in entrepreneurship...'.

Final assembly under control

Voitures extravert currently works with highly qualified suppliers in the value chain and has several customers for the delivery of the quintessenza, both in the Netherlands and internationally. With the investment, the company will finalize the development of the prototype and prepare the series production. And for the complete final assembly under its own management, the follow-up financing has already started. By the end of 2018, the first series of 5 cars will be delivered in order to grow towards a target production of around 40 per year.

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