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Heart breaking donor story

Every time, it's heart breaking, the state we find them in. Teared engines, ripped-off dash boards, souped up gearboxes. Iconic classics, waiting for better times, for a market to evolve.

And while it used to be a sure bet to stock these cars and wait for their audience to grow up, longing to finally possess the poster car that was on their wall as a 9-year old, those days are now over.

As we are experiencing the biggest turnaround in automotive history, these combustion engin classics will only survive when they are truly exceptional, museum worthy icons. But the idea of keeping them on the road, for daily joy, will soon appear to be nothing but a wishful fantasy, a relic from the past.

Therefore we are thrilled to announce that we've found another exceptional donor for the quintessenza. A donor car that will be giving new life to a future iconic classic.

Stay tuned to experience what future icon this classic beauty will become!

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