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What a weeks, so much attention!

What an amazing weeks we have had! We couldn't have dreamed that the article 'Classics should not become museum pieces' in NRC Handelsblad could result in so much positive response!

We are overwhelmed by the off-the-charts interest in the quintessenza. From potential customers, press ad investors, both from The Netherlands and from abroad!

But even more important, the first reservations are in. The entire production capacity for 2018 seems to be fully booked, so we open up reservations for 2019!

Enough work to be done!

Roundtable meetings with potential customers

In the past week, we've had roundtable meetings with all potential customers in which we've discussed their requirements and involvement in the development process.

Co-creation with the first customers

The first customers will forever have a special place in our hearts. Therefore, we take them with us on the development journey. This involves interior and design workshops, driving dynamics development, test drives, etc.

Opening up a new laboratory

In the upcoming phase of prototype dimensioning, we will most likely move to a new laboratory in the heart of automotive Netherlands. We'll share more information on this as soon as it will be available. Once in business, we will find a good moment to celebrate this new opening.

All data for the coming period

Late '17: move to new location

Start '18: Finalize design e-drivetrain and components

Spring '18: start building & development

Early summer '18: test-driving, homologation and driving dynamics

Summer '18: prototype registration and customer/press/partner presentation

Fall '18: prepare serial production

Late '18: start production first series quintessenza

Breaking news: 2019 series open for reservation

As mentioned, the first production series is fully booked. Therefore we are pleased to announce that the 2019 series is open for reservation. You can't possibly imagine even driving a Model 3 before owning a quintessenza?

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