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Ça c'est extraordinaire...

Thierry Boutsen from Boutsen Classic Cars at Top Marques Monaco 2022 on the 2021 quintessenza

"...This classic 911 dates back from 1981 and it has been completely restored, from the bodywork to the interior. Everything is even better than the original. And it is also completely electrified. The engine, the gearbox, the fuel tank, everything is gone. It has been replaced by batteries and with a rear engine that is 100% electric.

It is the nostalgia of the 60s, for those who have a passion for those days and would like it as a daily drive. The car has taken over three years of engineering development, and it is the second one that has left the workshop. It drives 200 kmh and has a range of 407 km. I’ve driven the car and it’s an extraordinary experience. A Porsche, without the noise, it’s super quiet. It’s really surprising.

Of course there are always people who say: Electric, in a car like that, that’s not something that goes well together. But I think it does!

There are of course as many people as there are opinions about classic and modern cars. There are people who hate electric cars and there are people who dream about it all day. And for those, this car may very well be just the thing. And it certainly adds something to our portfolio for everyone, in every category.

I am very happy to have this car on our stand at the Top Marques 2022 because it signifies the evolution towards the future. And it fits perfectly with the targets of the Principality of Monaco in its move towards green and renewable energy..."


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