We made their dreams come true

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Coloring the streets of the High Tech Automotive Campus

As you probably know, long before we started our exciting journey, we’ve had countless conversations with potential customers, classics experts, electrical drivers! All these talks gave us the insights, the reflections, that we needed to start our great project and to maintain a clear focus on what is important. On what is essential. We still feel privileged that we had and continue to have all these exchanges.

“What are you dreaming when you think about your classic car?

And how inspiring it was when customers actually shared their dreams with us. One of their desires really appealed to us in particular.

“...I wished that it would be possible to participate in traffic with my new classic for the first time!..."

Of course, that is impossible. The classics our customers love are built decades ago, often when they were still even too young to drive. And the classic they drive today is just the one that they were lucky to obtain, not per se the exact car of their dreams…unless...

Guess what, it is their exact dream that we made come true last week!

The quintessenza already had soul, now it also has brains

We’re now in full swing on debugging the VCU and preparing it for the final hardware. Having integrated all classic and comfort functions (airco, power windows, doorlocks, lights, seat heating, etc.) and drivetrain functionality has been a monumental task! Highly exciting, but highly demanding. Certification and homologation are up next.

Soul and brains: the perfect partner


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