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Classic. Electric.

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A next step into the classic future

The essenza 2 is a leap forward into the classic future. With less weight, more performance and greater efficiency, the essenza 2 is the best electric classic we've ever made.

At the centre of the essenza 2 experience lies the essenza engine. The lightweight 
290 kW/1025 Nm motor delivers both very high peak and continuous power and full torque at zero speed. That is instant torque of 1025 Nm. Not just at 6,000 revs, just press your foot and there it is.

With this staggering instant torque and over
50% more power than the original quintessenza, it’s the most powerful configuration that we’ve ever used, only adding to it’s already amazing performance.

20240406 HTC (4).png
Series 2.png

Up to
more power than the original quintessenza

Up to
1025 Nm
of permanent torque

Up to
290 kW
of power

Designed to go places

To enjoy a classic on a daily basis, it needs to meet todays standards. With a crisp Air Conditioning, light Power Steering, efficient Seat Heating, Fast Charging and high quality Car Audio, and a custom developed Coil-over Suspension it easily exceeds all expectations.

This unconditional comfort is simply a game changer.

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Timeless design, always up to date

The classic design could always stand the test of time, but now also the technology is again up to date. Timeless design and with over-the-air software updates, always ready for everyday joy.

Supercharged essence

The essenza 2 offers exceptional HiSpeed 22 kW home and office charging and up to 90 kW fast charging. So with over 100 km in 10 min, you will always reach your destination.

20240406 HTC.png

Which essenza 2 is right for you?

Everyone has a poster car. The classic chrome sixties or the matured black trimmed eighties. Both unique, both iconic. Targa, Coupe or Cabrio. Narrow, medium, wide or ST. Configure your own poster car.

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Your own daily driver

Nothing feels more satisfying than to hold something that you've envisioned, that you've longed for since you were young. And sharing our world of creation is something we do all along the journey of building the car of your dreams.

Let's schedule a talk with us and make your dream come true.

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